Suds Pub

Suds Pub - The Sudbury Inn, 151 Main Street, Bethel, ME

If you are new to town you HAVE to stop by the Suds Pub. The Suds has had live music for more than 30 years and The Hoot Night open mic has been running that long, too. I have been playing at the Suds longer than any other venue. I played there even when they probably wished I wasn't back up on stage. lol You gotta start somewhere is this is one of my favorites. Good food, wonderful people, come as you are and a solid music lineup. Proud to be included in that lineup. THANK YOU to all of you who spend your hard earned dollars at the places supporting local music, local musicians and ME. Don't know if anybody has taken the time to tell you lately but it really matters A LOT when it comes booking time. Nice to be remembered!